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Engineering Design
Dingsheng is committed to helping customers from all over the world, establishing oil fat and deep processing factory, and providing customers with the most effective production line solutions.

Our product range includes the following:
50 to 2000TPD
Oil seeds pre-treatment and line;
50 to 2000TPD
Solvent extraction line;
50 to 2000TPD
Oilseeds pre-pressing line;
30 to 1000TPD
Oil refining and fractionation line.
We are also professional on the project of extraction of soy protein, cotton seed dephenolin protein, fatty acid distillation, soy lecithin, cottonseed oil hydrogenation and esterification, cottonseed oil miscella refinery.
Our service scope includes the following:
Professional technical proposal;
Complete list of quotations;
Design of process flow chart;
Manufacturing and transportation;
Layout of each workshop;
Automatic control system;
Boiler workshop;
Oil filling and blowing workshop;
Installation materials and consumables;
Installation, commissioning and training of employees;