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50TPD Rice Bran Oil Extraction Production Line and DTDC Desolventizer-Toaster Shipment
We are excited to announce the shipment of our state-of-the-art 50 tons per day (TPD) rice bran oil extraction production line, featuring the advanced DTDC (Desolventizer-Toaster-Dryer-Cooler) desolventizer. This equipment is a critical component of the extraction workshop's desolventizing system, designed to enhance the efficiency and quality of rice bran oil production.
Our clients have consistently praised the ZX276 oil press machine for its outstanding performance and reliability.
The ZX276 low-temperature oil press machine is meticulously designed to operate effectively under both high and low-temperature conditions. It ensures that even at low pressing temperatures of 70-80°C, the residual oil content in the cake remains unchanged, preserving the integrity of the protein. This machine is tailored to meet the stringent requirements of large-scale oil mills for producing high-quality vegetable oil and oil cake.
Completion of the Rice Bran Oil Extraction Workshop Condenser
We are pleased to announce the completion of the advanced condenser for our rice bran oil extraction workshop. This condenser, a critical component in the extraction process, is designed and manufactured using cutting-edge mechanical design and process technologies.
Dingsheng Machine provide 10-500 Tons Per Day Edible Oil Refining Process System
Refining crude oil into edible oil requires specialized process knowledge and practical experience—from degumming, neutralization, and dewaxing to decolorization and deodorization. Dingsheng Machine, a Chinese manufacturer of edible oil refining equipment, has extensive experience in designing, installing, commissioning, servicing, and supporting edible oil processing systems. We look forward to becoming your partner.
Dingsheng Provide advanced technology and extensive experience for 50-1000T Solvent Extraction Workshop
The solvent extraction process is a modern method for efficiently extracting oil from oilseeds using solvents, requiring advanced technology and extensive experience. Dingsheng Machinery has been dedicated to the field of solvent extraction, providing comprehensive services from design, installation, and commissioning of extraction systems. We have installed numerous solvent extraction plants worldwide with capacities ranging from 50 to 1000 tons per day.
Dingsheng Machine is committed to providing the best oil pressing solutions for 50-600T Oil Press Workshop
Dingsheng Machine is committed to providing the best oil pressing solutions for customers, offering complete sets of equipment for pretreatment (or pre-pressing) plants with a daily capacity of 50 to 600 tons. We also provide design, installation, commissioning, service, and support for oil pressing workshops. This pretreatment workshop equipment is widely used for the pretreatment processing of various oilseeds such as peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, cottonseed, and sunflower seeds, making it suitable for medium and large-scale oil processing enterprises.
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