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Successful Delivery of a 320TPD Cottonseed Complete Production Line for Uzbekistan customer
Recently, “Dingsheng Machinery” successfully completed the delivery of cottonseed complete production line equipment for customers in Katakurgan, Uzbekistan. The delivery equipment is a complete sets of 320t/d cottonseed oil production line, the project includes oil pressing workshop, leaching workshop, automatic refining workshop, automatic oil filling workshop, which can achieve one-stop output from cottonseed to refined cottonseed oil. The project was contracted in 2021, we completed the production shipment in four months, and installation work will begin in 2022.
Sunflower oil filling and blowing equipment shipped to Uzbekistan
On January 14, 2022, “Dingsheng Machinery ” completed the delivery of two 40-high cabinets, the delivery equipment is the sunflower oil filling and blowing equipment purchased by customers in Uzbekistan. This equipment can realize the filling of different volumes, 0.9L, 1L, 1.5L and 5L of sunflower oil filling. This set of 4-heads high precision filling production line, including automatic filling machine, conveyor belt, stainless steel detection light box, automatic labeling machine, laser engraving machine, automatic capping machine, sealing machine, bottle blowing machine.
50TPD cottonseed oil leaching production line equipment shipped to Uzbekistan
On January 7th, 2022, “Dingsheng Machinery ” successfully completed the delivery of 50TPD cottonseed oil leaching production line equipment. Approaching our workshop, the delivery site was very busy. In order for the equipment to arrive at the user site on time, to ensure the normal production of the customer without affecting the production progress, our logistics department and the production department works together, the delivery site is organized in an orderly manner, the goods are placed neatly, the loading personnel are seriously responsible, carefully reinforcing the equipment, so that
Agroworld Uzbekistan 2021
AgroWorld Uzbekistan, being held alongside WorldFood Uzbekistan is one of the top market international events, which is organized and carried out in cooperation...
20th Uzbek International Exhibition "Food Industry"
The 20th Uzbek International Exhibition "Food Industry – UzFood Uzbekistan 2021" ("WorldFood Uzbekistan") will be held in Uzexpocentre from 28 April to 30...
Large Continuous Oil Press -- ZX276 Delivered To UZ
The newest model ZX276 is designed by Dingsheng Machinery, and the capacity is 60T per day. It adopt Germany's advanced technology, specifically to meet the requirements of modern solvent extraction, large-scale oil plant.