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Dingsheng Machine Leads Canola Seed Refining Processing, Providing Efficient Equipment and Value-added Solutions.
Our company, Zhengzhou Dingsheng Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd are proud to announce that we have successfully developed advanced canola seed refining processing technology and can provide corresponding equipment to our customers. This innovative process will bring revolutionary changes to the oil processing industry, improving production efficiency and product quality.
Dingsheng Machine Develops Advanced Fatty Acid Distillation Production Line Process, Enhancing Production Efficiency and Product Quality
In the process of oil and fat chemical production, crude fatty acids obtained often contain impurities such as odor, pigment substances, and short-chain fatty acids. The presence of these substances in fatty acids can affect their odor, color, and intended use, which can be removed through distillation. Due to the formation of non-saponifiable matter under high temperature, prolonged time, and exposure to oxygen, the distillation and purification of fatty acids must be carried out under high vacuum. As a result, continuous distillation processes for fatty acid distillation and corresponding pr
Tanzanian Customer Purchases Our New Oil Press Machine 6YL-100ZDII. The high satisfaction of our Tanzanian customer is the best proof of our efforts.
Recently, an advanced oil press machine has been successfully sold to a customer in Tanzania, achieving remarkable success. The customer expressed high satisfaction with the new oil press machine provided by our company and highly praised its performance and quality. This successful transaction further consolidates our leading position in the field of oil press equipment.
Our Company Provides ZX32L Oil Press Machine to Russia, High-Quality Service Wins Favor of Russian Customers.
Recently, a leading oil press equipment supplier, Zhengzhou Dingsheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., successfully provided an efficient ZX32L oil press machine to a customer in Russia. With excellent product quality and superior service, the supplier has gained widespread recognition in the Russian market. The company warmly welcomes more Russian customers to inquire and obtain quotations.
Our efficient membrane filter machine introduced by a customer in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
As an important process equipment in the oil press industry, the membrane filter machine is known for its high filtration efficiency and ease of operation. This customized membrane filter machine, manufactured with advanced technology and precision craftsmanship, efficiently filters impurities and contaminants from vegetable oil, ensuring its purity and quality.
Dingsheng Machine Provides Sunflower Oil Refining and Dewaxing Equipment to Nigerian Customer, Enhancing High Oil Quality.
Recently, Zhengzhou Dingsheng Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd, a grain and oil equipment supplier, successfully provided an advanced sunflower oil refining and dewaxing equipment to a customer in Nigeria. Through advanced technology and craftsmanship, this efficient equipment brings significant improvements to the customer's vegetable oil production process, achieving high efficiency and high-quality refining.