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Indonesia set to apply stricter CPO export rules temporarily
The Indonesian government will temporarily curb crude palm oil (CPO) exports to counter rising edible oil prices by forcing producers to prioritize the domestic market, The Jakarta Post wrote on Jan. 20. The Department of Trade said that from January 24, CPO exporters will be required to show proof of selling CPO in the country every time they apply for an export license, and the restriction will be implemented for six months, and export approval documents will be withheld until such proof is received .
German oilseed sector hit by acute rapeseed shortage
The agricultural information network AgriCensus reported that according to market sources, there is a severe shortage of rapeseed across Germany, causing problems with the supply of raw materials for rapeseed crushing plants and seriously affecting the profitability of the industry.
More than one third of Kazakh flaxseed goes to China
According to official data, Kazakhstan exported 137.7 thsd tonnes of flaxseed (excluding supplies to the EAEU) in the first three months of 2020/21 MY (Septembe...
oil industry status
Uzbekistan's oil industry status, development prospects and investment opportunities
Uzbekistan is the world’s sixth largest cotton producer and the second largest cotton exporter.
EU olive oil production forecast to set five year record
EU olive oil production forecast to set five year record
Olive oil production in the European Union (EU) for the 2020/21 crop year is expected to reach a five-year high of 2.3M tonnes, Olive Oil Times reported from a short-term EU agri-food outlook report on 9 July.
sister-province relations
Henan Province and Samarkand-Uzbekistan established sister-province relations
Was founded in 2001, located in Zhengzhou city, Henan Province, which is a high-tech enterprise, engaged in design, production, installation, commissioning and after-sales service.