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More than one third of Kazakh flaxseed goes to China

Date:Jan 22nd, 2021
According to official data, Kazakhstan exported 137.7 thsd tonnes of flaxseed (excluding supplies to the EAEU) in the first three months of 2020/21 MY (September-November), down from 150.4 thsd tonnes over the same period of the preceding season.

There are certain changes in the list of importers of Kazakh oilseed in 2020/21 MY. The opening of Chinese market for Kazakh flaxseed last season allowed Kazakh exporters to get the shipments going to China. Thus, China is the leading importer of Kazakh flaxseed so far in the current season. China has imported 50.9 thsd tonnes or 37% of Kazakh flaxseed since the start of 2020/21 MY.

Despite the stable demand for Kazakh flaxseed from China, the supply is significantly troubled last months due to a ban on loading of all types of cargoes to China (except cargoes in containers) through border crossing point Dostyk-Alashankou amid tightening of quarantine measures by China.

Export of Kazakh flaxseed to the EU totaled 75.5 thsd tonnes in September-November compared to 113.4 thsd tonnes in the same period of 2019/20 MY. Lower shipments to the EU are based on decline of supply of Kazakh flaxseed this season and competition from China.