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Bangladesh Customer Places Order for 6YL100ZDI Oil Press Machine on August 4, 2023
We are pleased to announce that our company has received an order for an oil press machine from a renowned customer in Bangladesh. This customer visited our factory in June this year and was highly satisfied with our equipment, leading to the purchase of our new model, the 6YL100ZDI oil press machine, which is scheduled for delivery at the end of this month.
Hydraulic Oil Press Machine Exported to India, Opening a New Chapter of Cooperation
Recently, we successfully signed a contract for the export of a high-performance fully automatic hydraulic oil press machine to India, marking the beginning of a new era of cooperation in oil press technology between the two countries.
Rice Bran Oil Technology Leads the Indian Market Trend, Customers Eagerly Visit the Factory!
In the field of vegetable oils, rice bran oil technology has become a highly acclaimed star, particularly sparking a new trend in the Indian market. Recently, our factory has been in contact with numerous customers interested in rice bran oil technology, attracting batches of professionals from India to visit the factory and gain in-depth knowledge about this advanced technology.
Dingsheng Machine Awarded Contract for 100-Ton Sunflower, Rapeseed, and Flaxseed Oil Extraction Project in Kazakhstan Oil Plant
Dingsheng Machine has recently received a deposit from a customer in Kazakhstan for the construction of an oil plant project. This collaboration marks a new step forward for us in the Kazakhstani market.
The oil press machine of black soldier fly at Dingsheng Machine was a complete success!
Recently, Dingsheng factory area received a batch of precious black soldier fly samples and promptly carried out oil extraction experiments. After careful testing and experimentation, the results showed that the oil extraction effect of black soldier fly was remarkably excellent, bringing great delight.
Dingsheng Machine Supports the Construction of Refined Cotton Cellulose Production Line Factory.
Dingsheng Machine's refined cotton cellulose production line equipment is developed using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, ensuring stable performance and reliable operation. These equipment are capable of efficiently completing the production line process while incorporating energy-saving and environmentally friendly features. Dingsheng Machine has gained a good reputation in cotton-rich regions such as Uzbekistan due to its advanced technology and high-quality equipment. The company has achieved significant success in refined cotton cellulose projects and has suc