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Engineers are working on installation in Kokand, Uzbekistan
Since the 2019 coronavirus raged all over the world, China has been preventing and controlling the virus to ensure the safety of people's lives. However, the epidemic situation abroad has been increasing unabated, and the movement of people has been restricted due to the impact of the epidemic. However, how to ensure the installation, commissioning and smooth production of overseas customers has become a difficult problem for foreign trade companies.
In Uzbekistan-- our after-sales service engineer team is working
The overseas epidemic situation in May is still severe, but Dingsheng's overseas service engineer team has been providing services in Central Asian countries. ...
Russia - China, a hard and warm installation trip back home
With the spread of the covid-19 pandemic, various countries have adopted various strict epidemic control measures, and there have been invisible barriers between countries. Affected by the epidemic, the overseas installation plan has become a difficult challenge.
DINGSHENG to present at Grain& Maritime Days in Istanbul 2022
The conference Grain& Maritime Days will be held on May 25 in Istanbul (INTERCONTINENTAL ISTANBUL HOTEL), with the idea that promote more efficient grain trade ...
200TPD cottonseed oil processing production line equipment delivery to Uzbekistan-Bukhara
On April 18, 2022, the fifth batch of the 200 t/d cottonseed oil processing production line of the BCT project in Bukhara was delivered in 4 containers, we shipped the some equipment and installation materials such as steel plates.
100TPD dewaxing equipment shipped to Uzbekistan-Bukhara
On April 8, 2022, part of the equipment in the dewaxing workshop for 320TPD cottonseed oil processing project constructed by Dingsheng were delivered. This is the fifth batch of shipments of the project. The delivery equipment includes -- filter machine, steam vacuum pump, installation materials, scraper conveyor and other equipment and accessories, the goods are shipped by 4 containers.