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Model YSZ236 twin-screw oil presses increase the profitability of integrated operations
Dingsheng Machine's advanced edible oil solutions increase the profitability of integrated operations, including our latest precision built twin-screw oil presses that maximize the value of oilseed products. Our model YSZ236 oil press is ideal for large capacity oil seeds pressing, processing objects such as peeled rapeseed kernels, peanut kernels, sunflower kernels, cotton kernels, neem kernels, perilla kernels and other oil seeds. The cleaned and tempered oil is pressed into the pressing chamber by the feeding screw, and under the action of screw extrusion and shearing, the oil is crushed a
Fatty acid distillation--continuous vacuum distillation technology and hydrolysis technology
Fatty acid is an important industrial raw material and the basic raw material of oil chemical industry. It is an urgent task to produce a wide range of fatty acids with high quality and low price to meet the needs of China's rapid economic development. One of the ways to improve the competitiveness of China's fatty acid industry is to develop the products that can make use of low-priced raw materials such as, non-edible fats and oils, miscellaneous oils, waste oils, as well as edible oil refining scraps, acidified oils and dequenched fatty acids are used as raw materials to produce a variety
Congratulations to Dingsheng Machine and Indonesia Company for successfully signing the strategic cooperation agreement
On July 24, 2022, Dingsheng Machine successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement with PT Inti Trading Nusantara Indonesia, which is committed to provide one-stop palm oil processing solutions between China and Indonesia, and providing Indonesia with comprehensive intelligent palm oil technology and equipment.
Dingsheng Machine received an order from a Colombia customer for the model ZX276 oil press
On July 2022, Dingsheng Machine received an order from a customer in Colombia for a model ZX276 oil press and refining tank to press 50-60 tons of soybeans per day. This model ZX276 oil press is designed for extracting soybean oil and it allows you to get the maximum amount of oil. The oil cake is discharged from the press with a residual oil rate of even 8%. The protein level increases by up to 1,5-2%. This is the economical way to process soybeans. Using advanced German technology, the machine is specially developed and manufactured to meet the requirements of modern solvent extraction and l
Congratulation: Dingsheng developed a new type of oil press machine and tested it successfully
In July 2022, the technical team of Dingsheng Machine developed and manufactured a new type of oil press and tested it successfully. During the development of t...
Dingsheng Machine provides intelligent soybean oil processing solutions covering the entire supply chain
Dingsheng Machine provides intelligent soybean oil processing solutions covering the entire supply chain - soybean pre-treatment, leaching, refining, dewaxing, soybean protein process, our innovative solutions help customer realize the economic benefits of sustainable development.