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Cottonseed oil hydrogenation technology process

Date:Aug 23rd, 2022
Oil hydrogenation is the process of saturating the double bonds in oils and fats by reacting unsaturated double bonds with hydrogen under certain temperature, pressure and mechanical stirring under the action of catalyst.

Hydrogenated vegetable oil is a kind of artificial oil catalyzed by hydrogenation of common vegetable oil under certain temperature and pressure, including the well-known creamer, phytolipid, margarine, cocoa butter substitute, etc. It is a kind of artificial oil catalyzed by hydrogenation of common vegetable oil under certain temperature and pressure. It is made by adding hydrogen catalyst to ordinary vegetable oil under certain temperature and pressure. After hydrogenation, vegetable oil increases hardness, keeps solid shape, plasticity, fusion and emulsification are enhanced, which can make food more crispy. It is also able to extend the shelf life of food and is therefore widely used in food processing.

The main purposes of oil and fat hydrogenation
1, Increase the melting point and solid fat content
2, Improve the antioxidant capacity and thermal stability of fats and oils, to improve the odor, taste and color of fats and oils, and to avoid aftertaste.
3, Change the plasticity of fats and oils in order to obtain suitable physical and chemical properties and to expand their application range.

Therefore, oil hydrogenation is an effective means of grease modification and has high economic value. Hydrogenated oils can be divided into hydrogenated vegetable oil and hydrogenated animal oil. It is usually used as a raw material for food and chemical industries. Most of the hydrogenated oils commonly used in the food industry are hydrogenated vegetable oils. Cottonseed oil has good shortening and plasticity, and can be used as excellent plastic fat base oil after hydrogenation, but the process of hydrogenation will produce a lot of trans fatty acids.

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