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Cottonseed storage and oil making process

Date:Aug 12th, 2022
Uzbekistan has a long history of more than 3,000 years, and is a link of cultural exchange between China and the West, as well as a necessary route along the ancient "Silk Road" and the modern "Belt and Road". The history of cotton cultivation in Uzbekistan dates back to 2000 years ago. The unique geographical location, more than 300 days of sunshine throughout the year and suitable soil and water conditions have contributed to the excellent quality of Uzbekistan's cotton, making Uzbekistan known as the "Land of Silver". Uzbekistan is the 6th largest cotton producer and the 2nd largest cotton exporter in the world, with 1.03 million hectares of cotton sown and 3.4 million tons of cotton harvested in 2021.

Cottonseed storage process:
Cotton seeds required for oil fat production are generally purchased from large ginneries with cotton staple containing woolen cotton seeds. Cotton seeds have a hard seed coat with short lint outside and an air layer between the seed coat and seed kernel, which can be stored for a long time under low temperature and dry conditions, and is a long-lived seed in the crop. But if the moisture and temperature is high, it is easy to deteriorate.

In the cotton seed storage should catch two links:
1, Reduce the moisture content, moisture content of 11% or less of the cotton seed suitable for long-term storage, even if the heat, frost, are not to affect the late use. If the moisture content of 13% or more, often because of respiration and seed fever deterioration, so the high moisture cotton seeds to do timely drying.

2, Stacking storage. Cotton seeds are poorly scattered, suitable for stacking storage. Bulk storage in the library generally should not exceed 1/2 of the storage capacity, in order to facilitate ventilation and air exchange. In areas of Uzbekistan where there is less rain and snow, open-air stacking can be used. The size of the stack can be determined by the number of seeds. The general practice is to pad the bottom of the stack, lay 50 cm thick cotton seeds, pile them up layer by layer, step on them layer by layer, and beat them tightly all around, gradually contracting them from top to bottom, forming a 3-4 m high cotton seed stack with a wide bottom and a narrow top. The top of the stack is made into an oval shape, and after the stack is made, the top of the stack and the surrounding area are thatched, or surrounded by a straw curtain to prevent the invasion of rain and snow.

Cottonseed oil making process:
Refined cottonseed oil contains a large amount of essential fatty acids and is very popular among local people in Uzbekistan. The process of making cottonseed oil is similar to that of sunflower seeds. It is worth noting that: the cotton seeds in Uzbekistan contain cotton lint and have poor liquidity, so the measuring scale should be larger than the normal output, the diameter of the feed and discharge opening should be larger, and the buffer bin should be equipped, and the measuring accuracy should be ≤0.2%.
The shelling of cotton seeds can be chosen from disc sheller and tooth roller sheller, and we recommend to use tooth roller sheller, the tooth roller material of our tooth roller sheller is infinite cold hard, the hardness of shelling roller is HS65±2, and it can work continuously for at least 90 days. It can work continuously for at least 90 days.

Our rolling machine is made of DSG520 material, its toughness and wear resistance is 2-3 times of ordinary material, the hardness of tooth roller can reach HS68±2, and can work continuously for at least 120 days;

Our oil press adopts German technology, the water cooling device of reducer reduces working temperature and improves working efficiency, the water cooling system of shaft ensures the amount and color of protein in the cake. Electric adjustment of the thickness of the cake system, precise adjustment and save manpower.

The leaching extractor adopts drag chain leaching process, the storage box automatically controls the material level, the company's own patented knife plate filter, DTDC new type evaporator, negative pressure evaporation, paraffin recovery, the residual oil rate in the meal is less than 1%, the meal texture is loose, beautiful color.

The pre-treated crude cottonseed oil must be refined to remove the cotton phenol in cottonseed oil before it can be consumed. The company's refining can achieve fully automatic control with human sitting in the central control room, saving manpower, precise operation, good oil, low energy consumption, low failure rate, long service life and other advantages, escorting food safety and healthy diet for Uzbekistan people's table. Meanwhile, Dingsheng machine can also provide deep processing of cottonseed oil by-products: hydrogenation oil, fatty acid distillation, margarine, soap production line, etc.

Dingsheng Machine has been working on the Uzbekistan market for many years and has establihed an office in Tashkent, next we plan to establish a spare parts warehouse in Tashkent, we are ready to provide fast service and troubleshooting when you need it.

Dingsheng Machine has been working with cottonseed producers since the beginning of the industry and our experience has been applied to the whole supply chain of intelligent cottonseed oil and cottonseed deep processing solutions - cottonseed intelligent storage equipment, cottonseed pretreatment, cottonseed oil refining, cottonseed oil hydrogenation, refined cotton cellulose, cottonseed protein, etc. If you have plan to build a cotton seeds and oil processing plant, please contact us soon.