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Dingsheng Machine will attend the 12th Indonesia International Palm Oil Industry Equipment Exhibition 2022

Date:Aug 26th, 2022
Dingsheng Machine will attend the 12th Indonesia International Palm Oil Industry Equipment Exhibition 2022 on October 25, 2022, we will share the efficient palm oil processing solutions and equipment information for our customers, welcome to visit and communicate with us.

Booth No.: 163 (Dingsheng Machine)
Exhibition Time: October 25-27, 2022
Exhibition Venue: Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel & Convention Medan
Contact: Ms. Joanna, +62 87781880605

The main equipment will exhibited at this exhibition:
1, palm oil processing technology and equipment: pressing equipment, heating equipment, filtering equipment, oil and fat separation (separation and extraction) equipment, mixing equipment, cooling equipment, drying equipment, conveying equipment (oil pipe, food pipe), oil presses, engineering design companies, shelling machines, separation equipment, active white clay, turbines, boilers and other complete sets of equipment and accessories, etc.

2, Palm oil processing supporting equipment: chains, gearboxes, pumps, reducers, decanter centrifuges, valves, screening equipment, sensors, motors, conveyors, pulleys, electrical equipment automation control systems and electrical construction contractors, oil analysis instruments, steam engineering and control instrumentation engineering, biofuel equipment, filter manufacturers, pipeline drives, air compressors, blowers, supporting tools, environmental protection equipment and engineering, etc. equipment and engineering, etc..

3, Palm tree planting and harvesting: drones, harvesting vehicles, palm seedlings, pesticides, fertilizers, palm fruit pickers, wastewater treatment solutions and equipment, agricultural machinery, labor protection supplies, plant nutrition, conveyors, tractors, etc.

4, Palm oil packaging materials and accessories include: vacuum packaging machines, balers, gluers, bag makers, filling, filling, sealing, carton sealing, labeling machines, testing instruments, packaging materials, plastic machines, preservatives, quality inspection equipment, plastic machinery and plastic oil bottles, glass oil bottles, caps, capping machines, sealing machines, container liquid bags, weighing equipment, pattern & text & barcode printing equipment, packing machines, sterilization and disinfection equipment, storage equipment. The company also has a wide range of equipment for sterilization, sterilization and storage.

5, Palm oil products: palm oil (edible oil), palm oil (edible blending oil), palm stearin (used for margarine, soap, feed), palm kernel oil (used for food processing), palm kernel liquid oil. The upstream products of palm oil include: starch from dried inner fibers, tissue paper, packaging paper and fiber mats from empty stalks and husks. Palm oil downstream products include: margarine, shortening, fats, coffee mate, glycerin, fatty amines, soap, cocoa butter, emulsifiers, feed, ink, detergents and stain removers, cosmetics and skin care products.

Dingsheng Machine provides complete palm oil processing solutions and equipment, palm fruit and kernel processing, crude palm oil refining, fractionation, and wastewater treatment, help you maximize production and profitability while meeting increasingly stringent environmental requirements. Contact us now to learn more about our efficient palm oil solutions.