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Animal fat refining equipment

Dingsheng Machine is a leading manufacturer for animal fat extraction and refining solutions and equipment in China. We provide professional technology and solutions, whether you specialize in fats from land-based animals such as cows, pigs or chickens, or work in the production of fish oils. Our comprehensive range of products helps you to increase yield while meeting highest product quality and minimum product loss. When you have a project plan for the animal fat processing plant, please contact us soon.
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Applications and industries for animal fat
Animal oil and fat refers to the oil and fat derived from animal body. The animal oils that have higher economical benefits include fish oil, seal oil, whale oil, etc. These oils contain much nutrition, and can be further processed into health care products with high value. Therefore, animal fat refining equipment is also popular.

Dingsheng Machine provide complete plant solutions for animal fat processing solutions, from the extraction of animal fats to refining, degumming, decolorization, deacidification, and deodorization technology, advanced technology, maximum process yield and minimum product loss, increasing yield while recovering byproducts, such as blood, bones, dissolved air floating, edible fat, gum, animal food, biofuels, etc., helping animal fat manufacturers to achieve higher processing capabilities, improve products to improve products quality and profit.

Technology Process
Solutions for animal fat refining
The animal fat pre-treatment process includes animal fat shredding, cooking, oil residue separation, filtering, refining and other process.

In animal fat coarse extraction process, if handled properly, the grease products don't need further processing and can be used directly. But in practical production, due to the blood left in slaughtering process, or other reasons, the product obtained has high acid value level or there is collagen and other impurities. Therefore, these animals need to be further refined oil consumption.

Edible crude oil and fat must be refining and removing impurities, solvents and harmful elements in oils. Animal oil refining technology includes degumming and bleaching, dehydration, deacidification and deodorization.

The purpose of degumming is to remove the colloidal impurities in the crude oil, which mainly include protein, phospholipid and mocous substances. At present, We mainly use hydration degumming.

The purpose of bleaching is to remove the pigment in grease. This process adopts adsorption decolorization method, and accomplished by the addition of activated clay, or adding a small amount of activated carbon, which can adsorb pigments and some oil degradation products.

Bleached fat is continuously pumped from the input fat vessel through a recuperative heat exchanger into a drainage evaporator where water, gas and volatile matter are removed under vacuum.

The drained fat is pumped through the heat exchanger and the degassing system to the distillation apparatus. In the degassing system, under the influence of vacuum, water residues, other volatile substances and bonded gas are removed from the fat prior to entering the condensate divider.

The volatile components are partially removed in proportion to the pressure and temperature. These substances must not enter the molecular condensates.

Fatty acids and aromatics undesirably affecting the sensory aspects are removed from the fat in the condensates.

The fat is then pumped from the equalizing vessel through a recuperative heat exchanger. After cooling and filtration, the fat continues into the storage tanks.

Deodorization is to remove the dirt mixed from outside and the cleavage product of raw protein, and stink substances like aldehydes, ketones, lower acids, hyperoxide generated from oxidative rancidity of fats.

In a continuous process without the use of steam, deacidification and deodorization is carried out in one step. The process takes place on evaporation residues, i.e without the use of chemicals or live steam. The equipment works on the principle of heating the fat to a temperature of about 200°C for the shortest possible time. With such a short-term heat load with high temperature under reduced pressure, there is no undue long-term thermal load on the fat and the fat does not lose antioxidants.
Benefits of our professional solutions for animal fat refining equipment

The filter adopts an automatic control system, which simplifies the operation and makes the production more stable.
Flexible process design can be designed according to the different requirements of palm kernel oil in different regions.
To increase capacity, limit losses and increase yield while improving end product quality.
Maximize energy efficiency to improve sustainability and reduce operating costs.
Dingsheng Machine provides a full set of animal fat extraction and refining equipment, we can help you find the optimum fat processing solution based on your requirements, types of feed stock, operating conditions, and capacity requirements.When you have a project plan for the animal fat processing plant, please contact us soon.
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Dingsheng Machine is a leading manufacturer specializing in edible oil processing solutions and equipment in China, we provide complete plant solutions for oilseeds pretreatment, solvent extraction, refining and deep processing. More than 20 years’ experience, we are committed to optimizing technology processes, engineer design, project management, installation and training, help customer build the oil mill over the world. When you plan to build an vegetable oil processing plant, please contact us today to get the quote.
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