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Fish oil refining equipment

Dingsheng Machine provides fish oil refining solutions, deguming, deacidification, winterization and deodorization production line, when you have a project plan for the fish oil processing plant, please contact us soon.
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Applications and industries for fish oil
Fish oil is derived from fish, including fish body oil and fish liver oil. It also includes oils from aquatic animals like whales and dolphins. It is an important raw material for food, medicine and chemistry. After refining or hydrogenation process, it is used to make soap, fatty acids, surfactants, etc., and can also be used to cure industry as lipidas, oil tannants, and preparation of coatings.

Technology Process
Solutions for fish oil refining

Typically, crude fish oil must undergo refining steps prior to being considered safe for consumption or use as food supplements. Fish oil refining process generally includes four steps, degumming, deacidification, decolorization, and deodorization.

During the production of fish powder, the oil separated by squeezing still contains a small amount of protein, mucus, phospholipids, FFA, and fish protein, which is called coarse oil.  Its acid price is high, the color is darker, and have the smell. It cannot be eaten directly or used as a drug raw material. Therefore, it must be refined and reached a certain quality indicator.

The crude fish oil contains a certain amount of impurities and fish protein and glue. In continuous refining processes, we adopt a disc type centrifuge to remove most of impurities, such as fish protein and glue.

1, Deacidification process is one of the most important processes of fish oil refining, and neutralizing deacidification process can remove the free fatty acids in coarse oil.

2, Decolorization process is to add white soil or activated carbon to remove natural pigments such as carotene, lutein, shrimin, and algae lutein.

3, Winterization process can not only reduce the solidification point of fish oil, but also change the fat-proof composition of fish oil. In particular, it can improve the content of EPA and DHA of liquid oil, and further increase the value of fish oil.

4, Deodorization process eliminates low molecular weight aldehydes, ketones, acids, and protein degradation products generated from fat oxidation in the crude oil. By utilizing the vacuum steam deodorization method, the oil is heated to 100-110°C under vacuum conditions. Subsequently, the oil temperature is maintained at 160-170°C for 3-4 hours by heating with steam. After the deodorization process is complete, the oil temperature is lowered to 50°C and filtered.
Benefits of our professional solutions for fish oil refining equipment

The centrifuge adopts an automatic control system, which simplifies the operation and makes the production more stable.
Flexible process design can be designed according to the different requirements of palm kernel oil in different regions.
To increase capacity, limit losses and increase yield while improving end product quality.
Maximize energy efficiency to improve sustainability and reduce operating costs.
Designed for fish refining plant, optimum quality output and maximum yield, with minimum energy consumption.
Edible Oil Processing With Dingsheng Machine
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