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Cottonseed Oil Hydrogenation Production Line

Oil and fats hydrogenation is in which unsaturated double bonds and hydrogen undergo an addition reaction under the action of a catalyst under certain temperature, pressure and mechanical stirring conditions to saturate the double bonds in the fats.
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Product Description
Through selective hydrogenation, animal and vegetable oils can improve the structure of oils and saturate the unsaturated fatty acids in them, so that the physical and chemical properties of the oils are changed to make hardened edible oils.
Hydrogenation mechanism
Oil and fats hydrogenation process is the reaction of three phase, catalyst, oil and hydrogen.
After reaction, that means hydrogenation is started.

Main purposes
Increase melting point and increase solid fat content;
Improve the anti-oxidation ability and thermal stability of the oil, improve the color, smell and taste of the oil and prevent the aftertaste;
Change the plasticity of grease, obtain suitable physical and chemical properties, and expand the application. Therefore, the hydrogenation of fats and oils is an effective means of fat modification and has high economic value.
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