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Fatty Acid Distillation Production Line

Fatty acids are important industrial raw materials and basic raw materials for oleochemicals.
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Product Description
Fatty acids are important industrial raw materials and basic raw materials for oleochemicals. One of the ways to improve the competitiveness of our country’s fatty acid industry is to develop low-priced raw materials, such as non-edible oils, miscellaneous oils, waste oils, also waste oils and deodorized fatty acids from edible oil refining to produce various high quality separation and purification of fatty acid technology.
Using medium and low pressure single-tower batch or multi-tower continuous hydrolysis process (raw material acid value ≥175mg KOH/g), it can hydrolyze various inferior grease raw materials. Significantly save investment. Under high vacuum conditions, distillation tower and high-efficiency corrugated packing technology are used to obtain rectification and purification of fatty acids and fatty acids to meet the needs of industry and oleochemicals.
Process flow of refined fatty acid

The point of fatty acid distillation is to maintain a constant operating pressure (absolute pressure). As the pressure increases, the boiling point rises accordingly. When the allowable operating temperature is exceeded, the raw material will decompose. Therefore, the pressure at the top of the tower must be kept stable to control the distillation temperature according to the corresponding fatty acid boiling point. The pressure and the temperature at the top of the tower are constant to obtain a constant product composition and ensure product quality.
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