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150TPD sunflower, soybean, cotton seeds oil plant

Date:Nov 10th, 2020
Install Place: Kokand City, Uzbekistan
Date: October, 2020.
Install Place: Kokand City, Uzbekistan
Raw material: sunflower seed, soybean, and cottonseed.
Production Line: This project includes 150 tons/day sunflower seed, cottonseed, soybean pre-pressing process, 100 tons/day oil cake solvent extraction process, 60 tons/day crude oil refining process, 60 tons/day sunflower oil dewaxing process, steam boiler, laboratory accessory equipment,etc
Delivery time: 90 days after deposit received.
Container:26 pieces 40HQ containers and 3 pieces flatbed trucks.
This set of production line can process three different raw materials,sunflower seed, cottonseed, and soybeans according to customer needs. The operation is simple, and this production line is equipped with raw material metering scales and refined oil metering equipment to facilitate customer statistics and supervision.
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