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Coconut Oil Extraction Line

Dingsheng engaged in manufacturing, exporting, supplying and trading a wide range of coconut processing machines. Our coconut oil extraction machines are extremely admired in the industry owing to the quality, characteristics and competitive prices. We are equipped with the state of art technology that has helped us gain reputation as supplier of quality machinery globally.
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Applications and industries for coconut oil
Virgin Coconut Oil is water clear in colour, has mild sweet aroma. VCO is chemical and additive free, and is the purest form of coconut oil. Virgin Coconut Oil is currently hot topic due to its benefits to human consumption! Not only the oil but the side-by products used in different industries. Major by-products in Virgin Coconut Oil units are shell, brown skin and defatted Desiccated coconut powder. Like the food industry, bakery industry, cosmetic and industrial production etc.

Our coconut oil extraction machines are extremely admired in the industry owing to the quality, characteristics and competitive prices.  We owe our success to the research and development department that has been on a constant research to update our products with better quality and in accordance with latest technological developments and market demands. If you have any questions on starting and expansion of an oil mill, or would like to get a complete plan for your oil factory, contact us now to learn more about how our solutions and equipment can help you achieve long-term, reliable, and more profitable operations.
Technology Process
Solutions for coconut oil processing
Usually there have two ways to get the VCO(Virgin coconut oil)
Wet process:
Dehusking → Deshelling → Pelling → Washing&Bleaching → Sterilizing → Meat Grinding → Coconut Meat Squeezer → Vibration Filter → Centrifuge → Tuber Filter → Store
Dry process:
Dehusking→Deshelling→Peeling→Washing&Bleaching→Sterilizing→Meat grinding → Continuous drying → Cold oil pressing→ Tuber filter→Store

1, Dehusking process:
Husk is removed manually or with the help of coconut dehusking machine
2, Deshelling process:
Use the deshelling machine to remove the shell of the coconut and without breaking the kernel
3, Peeling process:
Remove the brown skin of the kernel with the help of a peeling /paring machine
4, Washing&Bleaching process:
Peelled coconuts are washing in boiling water for few minutes
5, Sterilizing process:
The coconuts after washing will be sterilized insure the cleaness
6, Meat grinding process:
The coconut after pre-treating will be grind into powder ensure to get more liquid
7, Coconut meat squeezer process:
Coconut powder are put into a milk extractor (double screw press) get coconut milk. Extracted milk is collected in collecting vessels. Extracted coconut milk is then filtered to remove if any solids are present. Residue obtained after extraction is dried in an oven and packed a defatted desiccated coconut.
8, Filtration and centrifuge process:
Use the vibrating filter remove the big residue in the coconut filter. Centrifuge is used to separate two immiscible substances. Coconut milk is the natural oil in water emulsion. After centrifuged, oil and skim milk is separated. Coconut oil is separated from coconut milk. Tuber filter also called micro filter,to get pure oil further without any residue.
Benefits of our professional solutions for coconut oil processing equipment

Newest processing technology
Take up little production area
Low investment since it only require 2-3 operators
An ideal choice for those who want to start a virgin coconut oil processing business
Edible Oil Processing With Dingsheng Machine
Dingsheng Machine is a leading manufacturer specializing in edible oil processing solutions and equipment in China, we provide complete plant solutions for oilseeds pretreatment, solvent extraction, refining and deep processing. More than 20 years’ experience, we are committed to optimizing technology processes, engineer design, project management, installation and training, help customer build the oil mill over the world. When you plan to build an vegetable oil processing plant, please contact us today to get the quote.
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