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Animal Fat Processing
Animal fat
Animal fat is fat obtained from the body of animals. It can be divided into terrestrial warm-blooded animals and poultry fats, such as tallow, mutton fat, lard, etc., generally solid, and its main components are palmitic acid and stearic acid triglycerides; marine mammals and fish Oils, such as whale oil, fish oil, etc.
Animal Oil
Animal oils, namely animal fats, are fats of animals. Animal oils for human consumption are generally derived from pigs, cattle, fish, etc., and can be used to process food to give the food the fresh flavor of meat.
Refining process of animal oil refining
1.Hydration and degumming. Hydration and degumming is a method that uses the hydrophilicity of colloidal impurities such as phospholipid to add a certain amount of water or dilute electrolyte solution to the crude oil under stirring to make the glue-soluble impurities in crude oil absorb water and expand, condense and remove.

2.Alkali deacidification. There are a certain amount of free fatty acids in all kinds of crude oil without refining. The process of removing free fatty acids in oil is called deacidification. The methods of deacidification include alkali refining, distillation; solvent extraction and esterification.The most widely used methods in industrial production are alkali refining and steam distillation (i.e. physical refining).

3.Decolorization. The third step of the refining process of animal oil refining equipment is the decolorization, it is to use some substances with strong selective adsorption effect on pigment (such as drift soil, active clay, activated carbon, etc.) to adsorb pigment and other impurities in oil under certain conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of decolorization.

4.Deodorization. Deodorization is a process in which odorous substances in oil are distilled by steam under high temperature and high vacuum conditions by taking advantage of the difference between the volatilization of triglyceride and odorous substances in oil.
The principle of deodorization by steam distillation (also known as stripping) is to remove the odorant components by means of water vapor contact with oil containing odor components, vapor-liquid surface, and the water vapor is saturated by the volatile odor components, and escapes according to the ratio of its partial pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of removing odor components.

The animal oil refining equipment can be equipped with a water heating device in the interlayer, which means using an external heating method for the refining pot to avoid the installation of heating equipment in the refining pot, resulting in a large amount of oil deposits on the heating equipment.
Since the inner pot body of the refining pot is completely wrapped by the interlayer water, the temperature of all parts in the refining pot is uniform and the oil temperature is stable.
The hot water in the interlayer can be used for hydration and deacidification processes, which can also save some equipment.
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