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Corn Germ Processing
Introduction of corn germ
Corn germ is the part with the highest nutritional value in the corn kernel, and it is the starting point of corn growth and development. Corn germ contains a lot of nutrients such as protein, fat and vitamins. The protein content is about 15%, fat content is about 45% (of which 85% are unsaturated fatty acids based on oleic acid and linoleic acid), otherwise, about 8 % of dietary fiber.
Introduction of corn germ oil
Corn germ oil is the oil extracted from corn germ at low temperature. Corn germ oil is rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids necessary for the human body, such as linoleic acid and oleic acid, which have a protective effect on human heart and brain blood vessels.
Process technology
 It usually includes pretreatment, press, solvent extraction and crude oil refinery.

Pretreatment process
Corn germ extraction is the key of corn germ pretreatment, drying, softening, cookin
pressing and four main processes in pretreatment.
Solvent extraction process: Suitable for rotocel extractor and chain type extractor
Refining process: Usually full continuous physical refinery is more suitable to save oil consumption.
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