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Rice Bran Processing
Rice Bran
Rice bran is the byproduct of the whitening process of brown rice after the hulling of rice, including pericarp, seed coat, ectoendosperm, aleurone layer and embryo. As the main by-product of rice processing,rice bran can be used to extract rice bran oil.
Rice Bran Oil
Rice bran oil is a nutrient-rich vegetable oil with an absorption rate of over 90% after eating. The fatty acid composition of rice bran oil, vitamin E, sterols, oryzanol, etc. are beneficial to the human body's absorption, and it has the beneficial effects of removing cholesterol in the blood, reducing blood lipids, and promoting human growth and development. Therefore, rice bran oil is recognized as nutritious and healthy oil at home and abroad. At the same time, due to its good stability, rice bran oil is suitable for frying, and can also be used to make margarine, shortening, and high-grade nutritional oils.
Technology process:
 Rice bran → cleaning → tempering → iron removal → granulation → drying → leaching → refining

Continuous, mechanized, and airtight operation of all process equipment;
The operation and maintenance of a complete set of process equipment are easier;
Configure practical electrical interlocking control system;
Equipped with advanced and complete granulating process equipment to ensure the raw material index suitable for leaching, making the leaching efficiency higher, and effectively reducing the residual oil rate of the meal and the consumption of various materials;
Customer can choose to configure advanced and practical industrial computer automation control systems according to user needs.
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